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Tensed Shade Sail in Albir

28 Jan 2018

Tense shade sail in Albir

Tensioned Shade Sail System in a porch of a private house for the solar protection of a car and to be able to enjoy a place of shade.

In the manufacture of the system has resorted to the fabric of polyester of high density, perimetral cable to confer the tension to the sides, two plates of anchorage to the wall and two posts buried with concrete blocks that provide the necessary anchor to support the tensions of the tensed shade sail.

Both the posts and the anchor plates are lacquered in the color chosen by the customer and are treated with an anti-rust treatment. The tensioning elements are made of stainless steel.

Velas Alicante manufactures and installs tense candles in the Albir, La Nucia, Benidorm, L'Alfas del Pi and the province of Alicante.

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