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Tensed Shade Sail in Campello

14 Jan 2018

Tense Shade Sail in Campello

Solar protection system based on tense shadow sails.

Three Tensioned shade sails superimposed to achieve a large area of shade. The fabric used was high density polyester that protects up to 98% of harmful UV rays.

The anchorage system was made of stainless steel floor posts as well as tension plates in each of the exteriors of each sail.
The tension of each sail allows to support a quantity of wind superior to that of any awning, but it is not necessary to confuse a quantity of wind to be able to support all the wind.
Tensed sails have the ability, thanks to their perimeter tension, to withstand a degree of wind more than a normal awning, but before the possibility of a storm these sails should be collected to prevent damage.

If what we want is a sail stretched for the wind we must resort to another type of sail tensed with a non-porous material and with shapes that allow the wind is not a problem. This type of taut candles are made with a PVC coated polyester fabric that is not flexible and is designed to be rigid, allowing its wind resistance to be much higher. These systems of solar protection are indicated for areas where the wind is predominant and the installation of another type of awning is not possible.
Campello (in Valencian and officially El Campello) is a coastal municipality of the Valencian Community (Spain) belonging to the province of Alicante and located 13 kilometers northeast of the city of Alicante. It is part of the agglomeration of Alicante and is included in the historic district of La Huerta de Alicante. It has 27,604 inhabitants (INE 2017).

Velas Alicante sells, manufactures and installs tense shadow tensioned sails in Campello, Alicante, Villajoyosa and in general throughout the province of Alicante.

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