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Planning your Shade Sail

The sail awning avoid ostentatious facilities. The anchoring system allows the placement of the sail surface diaphanous allowing shade.

1. Real Shade Sail area

A. The Shade sail making is done by a steel cable located around its perimeter. Tensioning the cable to a curve on each side, causing a decrease in the surface of the shade which can reach large sails in a loss between 25 and 35% of the projected surface is created.

B. Each shade sail has at its corners fastening system against breakage against the tensioned. These settings also deducted a small percentage of shadow surface.

2. Fixed point of sail

Usually, all anchor points of the sail have a tensioning system and occasionally one is fixed and the lacks.

This fixed point must be mounted directly to a facade, likewise this point shall be that perpendicular to the sun as the separation between the shade sail and the facade will be lower and the shadow surface will be higher.

Total shade sail area

Shade Sail Optimal slope

3. Creating gap between high and low anchor

We should note that should project a slope between anchor points to facilitate water drainage in case of persistent rain. For PVC canvas this gap will have to project more pronounced since being waterproof fabric incidence water is greater. Normally the minimum recommended level of 20%.

4. Wind

Our shade sails are made with top quality materials and resistance in the market. The points that receive most of the tensions caused by the wind are the anchors. For this reason we give more importance to these, installing certain types as required by the model designed sail and wind strength to endure. However in places where this element is very pronounced we advise removable Shade Sails.

Planning your Shade Sail

The most common stretched sails are usually those of three or four sides, however the design of more sides is possible to cover more sail surface.

Planning your Shade Sail
Planning your Shade Sail
Planning your Shade Sail
Planning your Shade Sail
The sail can be designed in a way that suits your needs, you can also combine different shapes and levels to get the shade you need. The combinations are endless.