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Furling Shade Sail

Furling Shade Sail

The system furling sails powered Velas Alicante extend horizontally on your garden or terrace and are a very attractive alternative consisting of a rectangular design with a diagonal axis which is a central structure with a metal spool where it is wound the and sail from being stretched by a steel cable fixed in the near post by a pulley system.

These types of shade sails are very easy to handle and can be deployed quickly thus allowing insertion into various architectural spaces and are suitable for large surfaces and large terraces of restaurants, creating shade roofs or large gardens of private homes. They can also be adapted and placed in any desired position as needed.

Motorized system voltage allows the perfectly taut cover in each phase, converting the product into a highly functional system. You can adapt an intelligent security system to protect the fabric and structure of unexpected winds.

The advantages of roller shade sails are:

- Ability to quickly shade a surface.

- Comfortable extension and retraction.

- Long life due to high product quality

- Modern design

- Easy and safe handling

- High wind resistance

- Sail made of technical material with reinforced corners and high strength seams

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