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Post for shade sails 1

Mast and / or post

The mast or post another important part of the design and installation of the tensioned sail aswell as the anchor plates part.

The difference between a mast and a post is that a mast can be installed on the wall or floor without needing to be buried, the post however needs to be buried in a concrete block.

The volume and weight is determine according to the tensions that the post must support.

Both the masts and the poles can be made of stainless steel or galvanized steel and they can be square or round, according to the convenience and the design of the tensioned sail.

According to their type they can be cataloged in the fallowing way:

  • Fixed Mast, buried inside a concrete block
  • You can perform the installation at 90 ° inclination, but it about 75 ° in the opposite direction to the tension is advised.

  • Removable mast anchored to a wall plates or wall
  • Usually it installed at 90 degrees since because it`s anchored to the wall the inclination against the tension is not possible.

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