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Anchors, Masts and Tensioners

The difference between shopping shade sails and those that Velas Alicante designs, manufactures and installs in a DIY supermarket lies not only in the standardized products of these superstores but also in the study and design of the customed parts, tensioners, wiring , seams, poles, posts and anchoring as for each type of shade sail.

Each designed shade sail has its own anchors, because it's not the same to pick up a canvas in a store and spread it all over the patio with no or almost no guarantee. With Velas Alicante you have guarantee.

All our ironworks are studied and designed to withstand wind up to 70 km/h., They can even design sails with more margin of breakage. Our priority is always durability and resistance.

Hardened and lacquered steel plates or stainless steel, galvanized and lacquered iron poles, stainless steel masts, etc ...

Thanks to the detailed study of each component Velas Alicante gets a high resistance in the manufacture and installation in each of their tensioned sails.

All our materials are subjected to tension loads and have fulfilledthe most demanding experimentaltesting to ensure exceptional strength and durability.

Only if the materials pass the tests we incorpórate them to our production department so that they can have the best material possible.

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