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Shade sail removable tittle

Removable Shade Sails

In Velas Alicante we have a type of detachable sails that allow its collection,specially designed to be collected when not in use. Ideal for secondary residences or places where there is a need to collect them for some time.

To do this we have developed a system, inspired in the nautical sail, which consists in a series of pulleys and tensioners with a handle that allows its assembly and disassembly by the user.

The customer can remove it and simply put in back again because they do not have fixed tensioning systems.

This sail is made-to measure.It is necessary a previous study for the selection of the number of anchorages you need in each case.

Features removable shade sails:

- Canvas in technical fabric or PVC, reinforced corners and seams with high resistance.

- Fittings and mounting parts in stainless steel.

- Possibility to shade unlimited surfaces, designing several overlapping sails.

- Large product durability , up to 8 years against the degradation by UV.

- Modern, unique and functional design.

Product images:

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