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The choice of fabric which will make the Shade Sail is equally or more important than the study of the area and their anchorages. How to choose the material to be protecting us from the sun is not to be taken lightly. Your choice will depend on the protection against UV rays, its impermeability and its resistance and durability. Velas Alicante has trained and prepared to advise what are the characteristics of each fabric sales staff. We offer a brief explanation broadly:

Technical Fabric

A technical fabric is that tissue that has been designed to meet a particular functional requirement and it´s classified within what is currently defined as smart materials.

Smart material has the ability to interact with the environment and / or provide responses to external stimuli. For example, a smart material, is one that against a temperature, humidity, sunlight,or pressure change, ... is able to give an answer to that external stimuli. A traditional material would not interact with the environment.

This type of fabric is made of polyester threads. Technical fabrics are specially developed to filter sunlight and thereby reduce the temperature under the shade sail, allowing visual comfort and UV rays protection.These Allow a high transpiration index which prevents a heat buildup beneath its surface.

This type of tissue is highly demanded nowadays for their versatility and comfort.

Within the category of technical fabric we have the micro-perforated which are,as their name suggest, those that have small holes that allow heat dissipation.The ones made out of wáter-resistant PVC do not have perforations and are specially designed to withstand rain.

Watter - Resistant PVC

The function of this fabric is to be waterproof, and withstand rain. It is intended for places where there is high humidity.

These canvas life generally have a long service life.

On the other hand this type of tissue gives off more heat than technical fabric and is not recommended for places where we want to refresh because when the sun hits it emits warmth .

The main advantage is the greater impermeability unlike technical fabrics, this impermeability is a great quality when we are in areas of high humidity. And high frequency of precipitation.

This type of canvas offers a high resistance to breakage.